Friday, June 29, 2001

June 29: Along the River Walk, Astoria, Oregon

I'm discovering new and interesting parts of Astoria every day. It's pretty cool having a new town and time to just mosey around and find out what it's about. I love the texture on this red building on the waterfront. I keep trying to think what the texture reminds me of. It almost looks liquid.

This is a less kept-up part of the river walk, but it's charming and safe enough in the daytime. The red roof in the distance is a platform built for viewing the river.

Turning inland to face town from the red building is the Burger King drive-through and parking lot and a typical view of some Astoria houses. Astoria is very picturesque, but there are so many power lines and phone wires. This is one of the rare vistas without them being too obtrusive.

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