Thursday, June 28, 2001

June 28: The view from my apartment

Here's a ship passing on the river in late afternoon light. The hills on the other side of the river are Washington. This was taken from my back deck (the fire escape, but spacious enough for several chairs, potted plants, etc.). I still can't believe I have this. There are a few steps up from my back door to this landing, and then a few more steps from the landing to the apartment above me. There are four landings for five apartments, so somebody technically doesn't get one. The people in my apartment before me seem to have used the bottom landing, so I've taken it over. This works for me, and I rationalize because (unbelievably to me) the guy in one of the apartments said he'd never been onto the landing in the several years he's been here! It's hard to believe, but at least those who want a deck (landing) will get a private one.

You can also walk down the stairs into the yard. It's not a yard that gets used much, but I like it, and I like the large bushes that grow here. One of the first days in my apartment, I saw a raccoon outside my window. How cool is that? The welcoming committee had made me feel very welcome, indeed. It would be kinda nice if you could just walk down to the water, but you have to go around a block or so to get there.

This is also taken from my deck looking northeast (approximately) toward town. The spit of land you can see is Tongue Point. The hills across the river are Washington.

Yikes! This is looking down from my landing. I'm still reveling in the lush green after living in the desert for so long. The blue building is the back of one of the two motels just below me on the hill.

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