Tuesday, June 19, 2001

June 19: Tapirs and candles, settling in

I'm getting some of the important things arranged in the apartment - my tapir collection and plants, and some other comfort pieces like candles. I've never been very good and deciding where to put things and how to arrange rooms, but some areas are coming out nicely. Remember the big stack of boxes I packed my stuff in for moving? They were efficient, but little did I know they would also make good furniture after the move! It looks like I've used some of them under this fabric. Later I moved those boxes elsewhere and put plastic bins in their places by this window to store my collage and other art materials and supplies. I hate blocking the access to windows, but it was basically a good compromise. I had stacks of fabric-draped box furniture in various places. They made a great headboard for the bed, too. On the left you can just see the corner of the wooden racks I used to store cassette tapes. I love music!

These tapirs are part of my personal collection and have come from many sources. Some were made for my online tapir gift shop, and others from tapir contacts who wanted to send something nice. I brought my work with me: The Tapir Preservation Fund and its Tapir and Friends gift shop. I had to make the adjustment to a new town and state, but I didn't have to look for a job.

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