Monday, June 25, 2001

June 25: The docks at the new Maritime Museum, Astoria, Oregon, and sunset over the Columbia River

When the sun is out even part way, the days are usually exceptional. I had a good time discovering a new part of my new town - the docks along the Columbia in the area where they're remodeling the Maritime Museum.

It's too bad these came out a bit dark. I tried tweaking them, but I can't seem to do much without burning them out. I wanted to keep the sky colors and the clouds. Shooting with digital is now my preference, and someday I want to get a better camera. I think you can tell, though, it's beautiful here. The seagulls like to perch on the old pilings. It's peaceful, and there's always something to look at and learn about.

This just shows another view of the docks and the old pilings. You'll see more of the ship on the right in a minute.

Here's the Astoria-Megler bridge from this location. It stretches the 4 miles between Astoria and the Washington side of the river.

Here's another view showing the expanse of the river to better advantage. It feels almost like an ocean here.

I love it that we have a river-front trolley we can ride for $1.00. I never think to ride it, I'm usually walking. The fence is part of the construction at the museum.

Here's a poor view into the sunlight, but I wanted to include the sign.

Here's some Astoria that's exciting because it's so unfamiliar and powerful-feeling. Look at the size of that anchor! I guess it's hard to tell, because we need a person for scale, but there's a bench behind it. It's big! What a nice thing to have here where people can enjoy it. Behind it is the Light Ship Columbia, which is now part of the museum.

Here's the light ship again and the buoy right in the dock next to the museum.

And another view. The museum is on the right with the unusual roof.

Some info about the light ship and buoy. Life on the river here is not static.

Now I'm back in my apartment on Bond Street at the other end of town from the Maritime Museum. Look at the lovely sunset colors. I took this and the next two pix from my balcony.

Wow, look at the colors. This is spectacular. I'm still astounded at my luck at finding this. I can't believe they lowered the rent because it had been vacant for a few months. I guess it was waiting for me!

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