Saturday, July 21, 2001

July 21, Astoria: A gray July day on the river

Pilot Boat, Astoria, Oregon It's nice to have such a place to wander around even in gray, dull weather. The high was 63 today. I don't get especially depressed in overcast weather, but sunny days are remarkable here.

Pilings in the Columbia River, Astoria, Oregon I thought these pilings in the river looked like asparagus. The water bubbles around them when it washes in and out, so I guess that would be asparagus in boiling water. The pilings turn mossy green, and they even have grass and other plants sprouting from them. It's quite a novelty for someone from a dry climate.

Pilot's Building at the Boat Landing, Astoria I took all of these photos from the small pier that's been designated a waterfront park. I wrote about it earlier, and you can find it on the blog by following the "waterfront park" link.

Buildings on the Waterfront Here are some more picturesque waterfront buildings taken from the pier.

Pilings in the River I love the blue rope, but somehow I didn't get the right angle for the picture. Anyway, I think the colors are cool.

A ship on the Columbia Here's a big ship passing, with the pilot boat going out to meet it and another boat racing past.

Office Building over the Water The building hanging out over the water with the round opening in it is some kind of office. What a great location!

My July Calendar I've devised this calendar in the hallway to pin up events that I'd like to go to. I wonder if I'll get it together to update the calendar each month? This way I can keep all of the information about the event, and I'll see it as I go in and out the front door. It's all done with pins on a felt hanging, so it's very flexible. I'm getting really lonely. I talk to people as much as I can, but I'm just not terribly outgoing. I'm trying to get myself to events, and maybe that will help. My work and e-mail keep me plugged in to people I know online, and I'll be starting an art class at the college in September. Until then, I'm doing what I can, but not feeling very connected with anyone. I keep myself busy with projects, but that's not the problem. I miss having people in real space that I'm close to.

My Office Window Here's the northern window in the office. Outside, you can see the steps leading to my deck and down to the garden.

Kitchen on Bond Street Here's the kitchen and my rack of cassette tapes. I culled some when I moved, so most of these are favorites. I recorded many of them myself when I lived in Santa Barbara and had access to a friend's record collection. I also had a good tuner and tape deck at the time (left in Colorado), and I made a lot of tapes from the radio, too. I do love music. The two little objects on the top are tapirs made of pipe cleaners. Bob found them somewhere in the UK. The relatively big kitchen space here is a definite bonus.

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