Monday, July 09, 2001

July 9: Scenes from the pier, Astoria, Oregon

Despite my headline, this first shot is not FROM the pier, but OF the pier in front of my apartment. Hanjin is one of the lines I'm starting to get familiar with. This old pier doesn't seem to be used for much, but it's picturesque. There's an ugly old house trailer out on it, and the pier is fenced off with a gate. If someone is staying in that trailer, they certainly have an enviable position! The building to the right of the pier is Stephanie's Cabin, a restaurant and cafe.

This shot is from other direction. I'm out on the pier looking back at my apartment and the hotels below. You can see the fire escape/decks; mine is the bottom set of windows clear across the back of the building.

The Astoria-Megler bridge in the evening sun.

These are the condos you can see from my back deck along with a lot of old pilings from the Bumblebee Seafoods fish packing plant. The piece of old metal is what they call a "crab shaker." Or at least someone said that. If that's true, I think it separated the meat from the crab. So much of the waterfront here in Astoria used to be about the fish packing industry.

The tide comes in and out of this area, leaving only mud and weedy grass at times. I can watch the tides from my apartment, and it's nice to get down here and see what it looks like up close.

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