Wednesday, July 11, 2001

July 11: Astoria - Library and River Walk

When my brother was here, he mentioned that he liked those buildings or places that function as two apparently disparate entities. Not that you can't have a Veteran's Memorial and a library in one place, but he noted that it's typical of small towns trying to economize on space or defer to budgets. So I took this photo for him. It's the libarary at 10th Street. The property is between Duane and Exchange, with this entrance on Exchange street. That's my car with the Tapir Preservation Fund bumper sticker on the hatchback door. TPF is the organization I started in Palisade and brought with me to Astoria.

This pic is taken along the River Walk at East Mooring Basin. It's another totally gorgeous summer day in Astoria.

Here's another view from the same spot on the River Walk. You can see the bridge beyond the red building, and the picturesque old pilings in the river.

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