Tuesday, July 17, 2001

July 17, Astoria: More pictures along the waterfront and some cool facades

This is the pilot boat in its dock at the foot of 12th Street. Just beyond the buildings is the walkway on the pier that's dedicated as a park. I blogged some photos of it yesterday.

Here's the old corrugated building just to the right of the pilot boat as you look east up the river. I love this old building.

Standing in approximately the same location, you can look across the River Walk to the back of Andrew & Steve's Restaurant. It's surprising all the places art turns up in Astoria and on its buildings.
Here's a closer view of the painting.

And here's the front of the cafe. Kate and I ate there and I've gone back a couple of times. I started getting up really early to go to Toastmaster's held in the back room here. I can't believe I'm getting up this early, but I wanted to meet people and try to get better at public speaking. The group consists of only about seven people when the regulars are all here. They're very nice and I feel welcome.

I haven't taken many pictures of the town itself yet. The main downtown area is only a few blocks wide and about twice that long. The Liberty Theatre and the Elliott Hotel are both venerable old landmarks.

I love interesting architectural detail. This is the top of the building cattycorner from the Liberty Theatre at the corner of 12th and Commercial. I grew up in Corona, California, where my ancestors were founders three generations before me. When I grew up we had buildings of this vintage and intricacy, but the town went through a horrifying "urban renewal," which was actually a complete travesty. The beautiful buildings are gone (this link shows only a few of them). Astoria seems to value its old structures more, and I'm happy to see that.

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