Monday, July 16, 2001

July 16, Astoria: Ferry boat ruins and a waterfront park

This picturesque spot is where the ferry boat used to dock in Astoria on the Oregon side of the Columbia. It crossed here to Washington. Now there's a pier on one side, and a building on the other, but the ruins have been left here to show the history of the location. I really like that about Astoria - so much of the history is accessible.

Just to the left of the ruins there's a large pier with an old warehouse and the river pilot boat dock. On the far right of the pier is this "waterfront park." If you think a park is only about grass and nature, forget it. You can walk out on this pier and enjoy the view.

At the end of the pier you can read about the river pilots and see harrowing photos of what it's like to get on and off the ships while the boats are rocking. Just a few yards away, you can see the actual pilot boats. This is amazing - a whole new world for someone who's spent her life in Southern California and the deserts of Colorado.

I've shown expanses of the river before, and here's another one. It's calming, breathtaking, interesting . . . it's lots of things. There are some ducks or small birds swimming out there not too far from the wharf.

Back home again. The flowers are looking beautiful in the green of the yard. I love having all this right outside of my apartment. The bushes are berry bushes.

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