Monday, November 17, 2008

Doc's on 12th Street at night - Astoria, Oregon

Walking home along the river, I took this from in front of the Wet Dog. The colors came out much more intense than in real life.

I spent another day uploading pictures to my Picasa Web Albums. I have so many more I want to put online and finally, I've found a solution I like. Wherever I put them, it needs to enhance the rankings of the TPF gift shop, and this seems to do the trick, so it's two birds, etc. Fun. I worked mostly on tapir photos today. There are fifteen tapir albums, not counting the blogs, so there should be a good place to put just about everything. Now comes the fun of searching the hard drive and the paper files. I chose Picasa Web Albums because the photos I have on the blogs each have an album set up for them already. I had no idea until the other day that this is where Google stored the photos. Also, it's related to Panoramio through Google, and I've been using Panoramio for our Paris trip photos and pix of Astoria (so far). Also, if you run out of space for the albums, you can buy more at a very cheap rate. And then I found a bunch of fun tools, so while I haven't played with any of the other web albums, I'm very happy with this one. I could only suggest one or two changes, but Google will probably think of them anyway.

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