Saturday, November 01, 2008

Morning with Laurel, Meow, and the Aleutian Ballad

After Kent came by to do the payroll, Laurel called and we went out to Coffee Girl for breakfast. I thought this boat looked interesting and took a photo, but I didn't realize the Aleutian Ballad was famous until Laurel told me. Not having TV, I get more done, but I miss a few things, too. Apparently one of the crew members on the show was from Astoria. I read online that the original boat has been fixed up since the TV series and now takes tourists on fishing adventures, which are less dangerous with lots of sea creatures and lots of incredible scenery. One of the web pages I read said, "The ALEUTIAN BALLAD is the only genuine Bering Sea Crab fishing vessel licensed to carry leisure passengers."

Coffee Girl is built into an old cannery on Pier 39. This sign on the women's bathroom doesn't exactly inspire confidence.

This one maybe more so. I'm glad it's functional. Thanks for letting us know.

At Jo-Ann's Laurel wanted to pick out some fabric and get get a couple of sheets of poster board for two weekend projects. It came down to two colors of blue for re-covering the chair. Inside her belly, the baby (Teagan, a boy) is now the size of a cabbage. Each month, the online baby site she subscribes to tells us what size the baby is by comparing it to a fruit or vegetable. I found it amusing from the first. "So, how's the cabbage today, Laurel?" "Fine, thank you." Today at breakfast he wiggled a lot. Maybe the designer coffee wasn't the style he wanted. Or maybe it was. "Thanks, Mom!"

Lots of colors of thread to choose from. I always loved these displays.

Fabrics are fun, too. I have no time for fabric projects these days. I spend all my time on the computer.

Every year I swear I'm going to take a photo of the local witches that apparently have very poor guidance systems. I couldn't get the light in the right spot with the right background and not be in the middle of the street. I was going to keep trying on the way back from our second trip to the fabric store, but my camera batteries gave out so this will have to do for the moment. To me it looks like the witches have a love affair with the light poles, but hey.

Blue eyes. This is Laurel and James's cat, "Meow," on the roof.

We couldn't decide whether light blue or dark blue would be better for the room, so we brought home a sample of each, and of course Meow wanted to get involved. We went back for the dark blue, and then I went home.

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