Sunday, November 02, 2008


It was pouring down rain tonight in Astoria, as it did last night. This photo was taken from inside The Animal Store (Tapir Preservation Fund headquarters) at 1490 Marine Drive. That's our legal address. Actually, Marine Drive is where you see the blue-green light on the pavement in the middle of the photo. Below the mass of darkness is the trolly track, here filled with water and raindrops, and in front of that is the River Walk. We are right ON the River Walk, but the address is confusing, because apparently the River Walk is not a legal address, at least not on this block. The building on the far right, mostly dark, is Area Properties, and the one on the left is Hunt's furniture store. The morning had been bright and sunny (see the photo below). It seems now we're in for a lot of rain, but that's nothing new!

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