Monday, November 24, 2008

High desert and Mount Hood, Oregon

It was a gorgeous drive across the high desert back to Astoria from Bend today. When I stopped to take photos it was colder than it looks. It's been in the 20s or low 30s at night.

This is Mt. Hood, as seen from the desert. The air was hazy, but that only makes the peak stand out more by contrast. I like the way it hovers over the golden grass.

I caught the last rays of sun on the mountain as I began the stretch of highway that rounds the great peak before you get to Government Camp.

Here the last rays of sun turn the rocks and snow a gentle pink.

It was breathtaking, as always, and today it was cold. The snow is fairly new as of about a week or so, and we'll need more storms before the slopes are open for skiing. By the time I got down to Gresham, it was dark and I missed a turn. I now know the way from Gresham to I-205. You just go straight.

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