Saturday, November 29, 2008

River, rain, eagle, and ships

It was a dark and drippy day. These photos were actually taken between about 9:30 and 10:00 in the morning, so you can see how heavily gray it was. Lee had walked to Safeway, and was coming back when he saw the waterlogged eagle on its perch on some pilings. He called me and I came over with the camera. Earlier, on his way to Safeway along the River Walk, he'd seen a flock of pelicans, which is odd along the river, and maybe odd for this time of year as well. I like this picture because it has the green buoy in it.

The eagle was attentive to various sounds and sights on the river - mainly the sights. He's got his eye on this fishing boat. You can see how the feathers on the back of his head are pretty messed up. He's simply quite wet and the water has made rivulets in his feathers.

There was a ship on the river along with the fishing boat.

And another ship. We weren't there all that long. It was a busy time. Meanwhile, I kept trying to get a decent close-up, which didn't happen. I'm pretty happy with the camera I've been using, but it's not up to close-ups of far-away eagles. This piling was a ways out in the river. Once I switched to the digital zoom, the image broke up. These are taken at the extent of the optical zoom.

I'm not sure what he's seeing now, but he certainly is vigilant. He was tolerant of Lee and me as I took quite a lot of photos, and tolerant of a group of men who sat on a nearby bench and watched. He stayed calm when a couple of visitors from out of town arrived with teenage boys and Lee talked with them. The kids wanted to throw something at the eagle to see him fly, but were discouraged from bothering him. They were nice, they were just acting like kids, and they did not end up throwing anything. Normally, we see eagles in the trees higher up on the hill, not here on the pilings, so it was a nice sight for us, and a pretty cool juxtaposition with the boats.

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