Tuesday, November 04, 2008

Pos Knight on the Columbia River, Astoria

Here are three pictures of the bulk ship Pos Knight taken from the deck outside my office in Astoria. As usual, I took them because I liked the colors. I exposed for the house at the stern of the ship this time, so you can see the detail (below). Usually it gets burned out, being such a light color against the dark. I don't know if I'll ever get the color of this line of ships exactly right - the camera distorts the orange, which is a gorgeous color, hard to describe (but see the bottom photo for a closer match). I like the top photo because you can see the bridge to Washington (the hills on the other side of the river). From my location to the mountains is about 4 miles. I used the longest extension of my lens.

Here is the Pos Knight again. You can see the deck on the left belonging to the River Pilots, and the rail in the foreground is the catwalk to the radio tower on our building. The faint line above the pilots' deck railing is the bridge, miles away. I'm actually writing this post on November 27, although I dated it for when the photos were taken on November 4th. Today I looked up the Pos Knight online and found it had just left Townsville in Australia today (Nov. 26th, their time?). Here's the shipping map.

This may be more like the real color.

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