Saturday, March 14, 2009

March 14: A new duck

I almost titled this post "Another rainy day in Astoria," and then I began to wonder how many posts I already have by that name and how many I'll have in few years if I keep that up. Probably lots! After seveal days of beautiful weather, that is what we had today, another rainy one. It started last night. Above, you can see the big log that's been stuck under the neighboring building the past few days. The mass on the left side is a big growth of root on one side of the tree, but I couldn't get a good photo of it.

This is just rain patterns on the river with sticks floating around in it. We get a lot of big broken grass stalks this time of year, too.

Someday I'm going to get an SLR with a nice long lens. I wonder if this is a male northern pintail duck (Anas acuta), as they winter in this part of Oregon, but it doesn't have the white throat. Would that make it a youngster, or could it be a hybrid duck? I was just looking at some duck hybrids online and it does seem to confuse the issue. I haven't taken a picture of a duck like this one before, and I wanted to see what it was. I haven't particularly noticed them before. We do have a lot of bufflehead ducks and some mallards on the water now.

This seagull was strutting around on the end of the catwalk for awhile in the downpour.

I especially liked the color contrast between the protective flange at the base of the tower and the chipping red paint higher up.
I slept until about noon. I knew I was tired, but didn't realize I was that tired. And I've been working online the rest of the day wtih blogs and albums, and spending some time on Facebook. We had more orders in the gift shop today than we had last Saturday and early Sunday. I wonder if it's all this online activity or if people are feeling better about economic news.

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