Tuesday, March 31, 2009

March 31, Bend: Trees and a ghost sock and flags in the sun

Lee's been swimming or working out just about every day unless he's on the mountain skiing. I got a temporary membership at the gym (you can just see it on the left). But today I thought I'd rather walk outside than tread on the treadmill inside. It was cold and windy and not very inviting, but I've been indoors so much on the computer that I wanted to get out and roam a bit. There's a lovely park (Juniper Park) surrounding the gym, and it seemed like a good start. I'm still not used to such dry weather. I like the climate in Astoria. Still, the trees are a nice place to start. The park is small and I knew I'd be on the street before long.

Yeah. A nice path through the woods.

I'd stopped to take a photo of a taco stand, but I didn't like it. This pic of the signs was only for geolocation reference, but I liked it better than the shot I took of the taco place. I like the tree.

I call this one the "ghost sock." It's actually a child's white sock with some dirt on it, trampled by walkers. Pretty cool looking.

Bear sculpture. There are a lot of traffic circles in Bend, and the city has done a good job of putting reasonably interesting sculptures and nice landscaping in them. This one with the bronze-looking bear is near the gym. I've gone through the forest and up the block back toward the entrance. I took pictures of the bear from every corner outside the traffic circle, but this was his best angle, or at least the picture that came out best. Unfortunately it has wires behind it. Too bad. I know they can be photoshopped out easily, but at this point I'm still recording places as much as anything, so the wires stay.

I like the upturned boughs here. I think it's a spruce tree, but I don't know if it's a Colorado blue or some other kind. I'm not sure what's up with the branches.

Some brave souls came out to play tennis in their shorts. That's Pilot Butte in the background. If Lee had been planning to stay at the gym longer, I would have climbed it today. I was in the right frame of mind.

Here's the walk leading back up to the gym. It's a horrible day for this type of photo. The sky's all gray and the lighting is bad. The white tent covers one of the two swimming pools.

We went back to the house for a bit, then out for a drink and appetizers for dinner. Now the sky had changed to leaden dark, but the part of the sky that was clear let through the most gorgeous evening light. I'd wanted to stop on the bridge and take a photo over the river and the Old Mill District, but Lee was deep in a phone conversation and I didn't interrupt. We should have gone back, but we were both hungry and cold, and we didn't. Light changes so fast, too. By the time we'd turned around, you never know. It's one of those images that you see just as you're passing - or you think about it after you've gone too far. Most are forgotten almost instantly as the next images come along, but I remember this one. I'll remember the spot and the lighting, and try to go back on a similar day. But it took us only a few minutes to get to our destination and stop, and the same lighting and the dark sky were still available when we got out at the old mill. The silver stacks and the flying flag were dramatic against the evening storm.

Anthony's fish restaurant and bar. And dinner.

This sculpture is just outside of Anthony's. I don't love it, but I love the light and the colors. I think it's nice to have civic sculpture, though, I just have a thing about old wagon wheels. I like them in situ, but not as intentional decoration. It's probably because I saw too many at some time in my life.

The sunlight on the bridge's flags was stunning. Click to enlarge the picture and see what I mean. This view is another benefit of eating at Anthony's. The margarita was good and the appetizers were excellent. It was a nice night out, for sure.

And then on the way home. . . . Bend has interesting and dramatic cloud shapes of a type we don't get on the coast. Really nice.

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