Wednesday, March 25, 2009

March 25, Bend, Oregon: Winter's fading, trees are glowing

It's still cold enough that I'm wearing a down-stuffed jacket outside most of the time, but green things are coming up through the brown, and branches are turning color from the inside out. The best pix are near the end.

This bush and the grasses in the next few photos are just outside of Nancy P's bakery/cafe, where I photographed snow and frozen plants not that long ago. Inside there is quiche. There are lots of other goodies, too, but I usually get quiche and ice water for some reason.

Grass turning green from the roots up.

I love these colors. I don't know what the plant is actually called.

Beautiful long grasses.

We did that thing again where we went out for drinks and appetizers. We hadn't tried The Blacksmith yet, and thought this would be a good time. They didn't have Margaritas, so I got something tasty with rum in it. I like this photo of Lee.

Yumm. I forgot what they called this, but it was sooooo good. I felt bad because Lee didn't like his appetizer as much as I liked mine. We like trying things. I gave him some of this. I think it's a very tricked-out West Coast Yuppie Tex-Mex sushi. Whatever. It was great, not too hot, and the crispy things were so edible I ate them.

Bend has better cloud formations than Astoria about 9 times out of 10. It's a saving grace, because I like Astoria's climate much better.

Lee's having some remodeling done on the house.

As we got back from happy hour, the trees down the street were just catching the final glow of sun. They're getting red in their branches anyway due to the season, but set against the leaden sky, I found the colors remarkable and flamelike. What a nice sight to end the day!

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