Thursday, March 19, 2009

March 19: The Global Sentinel passes Astoria

We had a notable visitor on the river today, the Global Sentinel, a trans-oceanic layer of fiber-opitic cable.

The ship was moving upriver at quite a clip, and actually making quite a lot of noise for a ship of that size. I didn't get a good photo, but I wanted to get something before she disappeared behind the sheds to the east of our place.

Lately I've taken an interest in the way each type of ship arranges the opening and ladder where the pilots enter and leave. This is almost like a regular doorway with a ladder in it.

It was just plain cold and wet and dreary on the water today. This bufflehead female floats on still water with raindrops pattering down. The hard rain seems to have stopped for awhile, but it drizzled much of the day. I was indoors working on the computer as usual.

Nice patterns and reflections in the still water of the Columbia.

Here's the radio tower, reflected.

By early evening, there was a steamy-looking fog over the river. It wasn't actually steamy because there was no heat. It's just the way the clouds were looking later in the day. It's kind of different from the usual - whatever that is - but the fog and clouds don't usually take this formation on the water. I don't mind days like this, but it IS why we get so excited when the sun comes out.


wknoop said...

Hello Sheryl,

We get to see the ships that ply to Portland as they pass our place in Columbia City. I saw the Global Sentinal on her way back to sea a few days ago.


tapirgal said...

Hey, nice! I'll have to drive Highway 30 again sometime and see Columbia City. I drove it only once when I first got here in 2001. That's fun about seeing the same ship :)