Sunday, January 18, 2009

More logs and a very interesting log raft

I always like colors on the water. The camera setting was off, the light was bright, and the pic came out a little weird. You can see that the water is choppy, but the waves are no longer very big. For the past few nights, we've had waves crashing against the building so hard it felt like we were on the ocean, not a placid little river. OK, the river is big and not all that placid, but it's not like we have great breakers such as you find in the ocean. But the past few nights, the wind was whipped up at high rev somewhere across water, because the waves were relentless and sounded uneasy.

Wave-borne logs tore up the screen and some of the boards in the pilings of the River Pilots' building next door.

And this thing just below our deck was one of the more remarkable bits of flotsam I've seen yet. At first I thought it was two parallel logs tied together as a raft, but as it bobbed, I realized that it's actually a huge log vertcally halved, hollowed out and . . . don't ask me why it has weeds in the center or how they stay attached. Is that just strange? When I mentioned it to Lee, he immediately recognized what I was talking about, so it's actually some kind of thing that's not uncommon on the river. I hope he'll explain it further. If he can't, I'll go ask them at the Maritime Museum. This photo was taken looking down over our deck railing.

Ooops, there it goes! The raft-thing bobbed and then ducked under the screening below our deck that's supposed to keep objects like that out in the river and not trapped beneath the building. The building owners have been here for the past few days and are going to have an addition put on the screen so this can't happen any longer. They've been out in the middle of the night when the tide is high pushing logs with the pike pole to get them back out into the river's current, and also dragging them around in the mud to un-stick them from the screen and get them out where the water can float them away. We've had quite an onslaught of logs since the heavy rains of a week or so ago. At 3:00 in the morning with the weather so cold, I was not offering to help. Nope, I was sleeping right through it.

The crooked stick got caught higher up in the screen. I thought it was kind of interesting looking.

With the tide out, you can see another of the pesky logs (the light-colored one) left on the rocks. This is on the east side of the building - the battering was coming from three sides. The darker logs are all part of the structure.

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