Thursday, January 08, 2009

Flooding in Washington

We had just finished breakfast at Nancy P's on a beautiful, dry, and sunny morning in Bend, when we left the cafe/bakery and got a dose of reality. Yes, people had been telling us about the rain, but this was real news. Later we learned that I-5 was completely flooded for miles around Chehalis - news which went national, and was on the nightly news report. I spent most of the day at home at Lee's house working on the Tapir and Friends web site and attending to business as usual, and these shots of the newspaper vending machine are all the photos I have for the day. I made up for it on other days, so maybe it's nice to have only a couple of pix today!

This is one of those historic weather years so far, and here's an example of it in print. I noted in one post that Sue had sent Barbara home early. I later found out Barbara, who lives in the Naselle area, couldn't GET home that night and stayed with her granddaughter. Naselle is right near the coast, and the I-5 corridor is further inland, but no matter, large parts of both Oregon and Washington are getting soaked. We don't rack up 70 to 90 inches of rain per year on the records for nothing, it's just that this year a lot of it is coming at one time.

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