Saturday, January 10, 2009

Back to Astoria

What struck me first was how brown and muddy the water was. I should have expected it, due to all the rain they had while I was in Bend, but I hadn't thought about that, only about whether there would be any flooding. Right here in our area, most of the water just runs into the river, taking mud an debris with it, of course. There were a few areas of minor flooding locally, but it was much worse in other areas not far from here. The water was really opaque, too. It's never clear enough to see much, but you could tell that even that visibility had diminished.

The Oriente Shine was resting comfortably on the river.

And the coots didn't seem to mind the conditions. Back in California, we used to call these birds "mud hens."

Lee and Laurel and I went to Coffee Girl for breakfast while James stayed home with Teagan. This is still one of the two places I really enjoy drinking coffee in Astoria.

Out the window, things were wet and dismal. I would have gone out on the deck for pictures and to look around, but it was one of the rare days I've seen where the doors to the outside were shut.

Inside the building at Pier 39, and just a few feet from Coffee Girl is a small museum of historic boats and local life. They have pictures and memorabilia of the days when Pier 39 was a "buzzing" (sorry) Bumblebee canning plant. It was actually Bumblebee Seafood's first cannery until it closed in 1996.

Coffee Girl still uses the original counter where the cannery workers (mostly women) ordered their coffee on breaks. You go in the door just to the right of the round sign.

When you leave or enter Coffee Girl, you pass through this open area inside the cannery building. A few new offices are moving in, and the museum and boats are to the left. The whole deal is at the end of Pier 39, sitting out in the river on pilings.
Here's looking back in the same general direction as the photo was taken above this one.

When we got back, James and Teagan were taking a snooze. I think Teagan was the snoozer, and James was watching TV. Teagan is just over a month old now. His actual due date was yesterday! He's doing great, as you can see. And he's a very nice baby, too!

Toward the end of the day, the weather came in again, and it was foggier and wetter than it had been during the day, which is saying it was pretty soggy. Although not pouring rain like it had been, it was not very inviting unless you happen to be a river animal of some kind.

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