Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Boats, baby, and a brand new President!

If anyone wonders why my blogs often start with ships and boats, it's because ships and boats are often the first things that catch my attention in the morning. It's still a novelty to wake up, look out the window, and see the variety of them every day. I don't know what kind of boat the smaller Hickson is or what it was doing, but it dashed left out of sight, and then came back headed toward the dock at the Maritime Museum.

Later in the morning, I dropped by to see my little grandtapir. He'd just had a bath and Laurel was folding clothes. I asked if he still cried and screamed during bathtime, but she said no, he's getting used to it. He looked so tiny and adorable propped up by himself on the bed. The light was good and I took a few pictures before I picked him up. It's surprising how close things have to be for babies this age to see them, and we had a good time looking into each other's eyes for awhile before he got sleepy. I could see he was really watching my eyes and following them. It was fun.

Teagan's been growing. He's put on some weight, which is good - about two pounds, I think, which puts him over 7 lbs. and less than 8. He changes fast, so I don't know the exact statistics. You can check out his mom's blog for more details. I can't believe I'm doing this. I never had much use for babies before unless they had fur, feathers, or a carapace, and especially if they had spots and stripes. Those were my criteria for interesting babies. I'm happy to see that Teagan is at least lounging amid stripes, even though he isn't wearing them. For the uninitiated, I will give you this explanatory link: really, shouldn't a baby look more like this one? (follow the link). . . .

Or this . . . I'm getting used to him :)

Hmmmmm. (Yeah?)

Not having television, and having the inauguration come in the middle of my work day, I missed it, so I thought I'd record the newsstand version of the historic event. It was kind of cool turning around outside the post office and being reminded that TODAY WE HAVE A NEW PRESIDENT! I feel lucky and happy to be seeing this historic day. Like so many, I feel optimistic and I look forward with anticipation to what I hope will be a very different next four years. At least he sounds intelligent when he talks, and I do like looking at Michelle. She wears watchable clothing. I like that!

I liked the simplicity of the "Daily A's" front page. Here's another one.

I was still in front of the post office, and the tree reflected in my car window looked photogenic. Ever since Marcela said she looked for reflections in photos, I've been paying more attention to them. You can hardly miss this one, but you know, I almost opened up the car door without even thinking about it.

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