Monday, January 19, 2009

Along the River Walk in the evening

There was plenty of light when I left home to walk to the gym with my backpack filled with all my stuff. I haven't bothered to put the shampoo and stuff into smaller bottles, so it was pretty heavy. I could have ridden my bike or taken the car, but sometimes it just feels like a walking day, and so it was. My back has been feeling better, maybe largely due to raising my computer screen up higher off the desk than I'd ever done before. I'm seeing a new chiropractor in Bend and she was adamant about this. It IS making a difference!

We've had clear days for about a week. The light almost looks like the dog days of summer, but it's still in the mid-40s during the day. I guess the bare trees would be a give-away, too.

I'm walking away from this scene, east toward the gym, but it's hard not to look back. I don't know what this cement slab thing is. There are all sorts of nifty ruins of things here. Most of them have to do with the heyday of canneries.

This scene is just east of Pier 39.

Now I've been to the gym, taken a long shower and am heading back. Is it beautiful, or what? If you click on the picture to enlarge it, you can see a ship in the sunset at the right side of the visible part of the bridge.

Lovely. There were still a few people out running and walking their dogs. I haven't reached the Maritime yet.

Looks a little like Chinese writing, but it's really the lights on the side of the old Englund Marine building making patterns between the pilings.

Now I'm home. This is Area Properties to the left and the Astor Hotel rearing up to the right. The Animal Store/TPF is just behind me. I'm going in. It's still nice out. It seems warmer than it did on the walk toward the gym. What a pretty evening it's been. And my hair's washed. Yeah! I love the new stuff I bought to put on after the conditioner. It's called BioSilk. It feels great and replaces three kinds of goo I was having to use to attempt to make it come out right. And then it didn't. On another topic, has anyone noticed how many words have a capital letter in the middle but no space (like BioSilk)? I think this happened when computers wouldn't read file names with spaces in them, and then it got trendy. Anyway, nice product! Smooth, light, non-sticky. No, I don't sell it, ask your hairdresser.

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