Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Unusual dino discovery - it had stripes almost like a baby tapir

I hate to start another blog post without a photo, but I've got to run. I just wanted to save a link to this post, which I found fascinating (not only because it mentioned tapirs). One of the categories I've been meaning to start here is interesting and odd discoveries or occurrences in nature. Being an animal person, most of them have something to do with life on the planet rather than, say, the cosmos beyond our earth-bound cloud formations. Note the label I've used below (this one may be a bit lame, as I said, I've got to run). Anyway, when I get more than one post in this category, the "interesting nature bits" posts (whatever I decide to call them) can be collected to read at one time by clicking on the label below or in the Labels list to the right. I like the name of the blog linked above - Oddities&Endities.

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