Sunday, March 09, 2008

Free T-shirt. Ouch! I can't believe I'm doing this.

Free t-shirt. What's the catch? There are two:

1. It's used (by me) (no stains or holes, looks pretty good)
2. You pay shipping (to anywhere)

Why am I doing this? It's size XL. I've lost 40 pounds this year and I've kept it off. As it turned out, the program I was on was pretty easy, and I don't see gaining the weight back. What was I thinking??? I forgot that I'd have to part with some of my favorite possessions! I don't buy a lot of clothing, and the t-shirts I do have usually mean something to me. I have about a dozen that I really love, but they have to go. I just don't have the space. Who knew that losing the weight would be the easy part? Most of these shirts have very good memories attached to them. Either Lee gave it to me, or we got it someplace where we had a good time, and/or it's just a cool shirt. I've taken lots of wonderful hikes and trips in this one. If it was only one t-shirt that was too big, I'd keep it and use it for a sleep shirt, frame it, make it part of a quilt, or just keep it and look at it. I thought, "Oh yeah, when I lose the weight, I'll just take my XL clothing to the thrift store for a good cause." I took some, but I had no idea it would be so hard to part with the last T-SHIRTS. This probably sounds horribly neurotic unless maybe you have something you feel the same way about. I don't usually have this much separation anxiety about THINGS (I don't think so, anyway). What is a t-shirt? Is it art? Identity? I'm not that philosophical a person, but I'm finding out that a t-shirt must have a whole world of symbolism I haven't bothered to think about.


About the shirt, it has American Indian rock art designs on it and it came from New Mexico. Lee got it for me on a skiing trip to Taos. It's 100% cotton. Made by Oneita. It's soft. The color in the photo is pretty true to life. It's light gray-green (is that called "heather"?) with black designs. The back is also covered with black rock art, slightly different symbols, but the same style. There are some goats and a turtle-kokopelli-looking thing, and a swirling sun. If you're interested, send me e-mail.

I have some other size XL t-shirts I'll put on the blog when I decide which one I can deal with next.

POST UPDATE: My friend Kate saw the shirt and wants it. I am thrilled. I guess I had to feel it was going to a good home. Now it is. Stay tuned for next shirt event.

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