Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Snow in Astoria, Oregon - March 26, 2008

You never know what the weather will be around here at any season, but "unseasonable" is hardly the word for today's event. Lee, who has lived in Astoria for 35 years, says he doesn't remember seeing snow here after February. I took the top photo from our front porch at the Tapir and Friends (Tapir Preservation Fund) office. You can click on any picture to get a better view of the snowflakes - a rarity here, so we want to see them up close. They are quite large, by the way, and not sticking on the ground, although they were plenty stuck to the mailman's truck. He'd just come down from the top of the Astoria hill.

This one is from the back porch of the office, looking onto the Columbia River. Lee says it's snowing in Bend today, too, but that's in the high desert - not so unusual.

Back to the front porch again. It's snowing harder, around 1:45 pm.

This is Lee's office, across the street from us on Marine Drive.

From our front porch looking at 15th Street and Marine Drive. It's a little soggy for bike riding!

It snowed (sometimes hard) for several hours, finally starting to stick and accumulate, then it turned slushy, and just before 5 pm it stopped.

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