Thursday, March 27, 2008

Today the sun was out!

Having the sun out wouldn't be so astounding, except that it's only happened a few days since about . . . maybe last October? The trolley has been running on nice days. I took this photo from our front porch, showing the same scene as the one yesterday with the guy jogging in the snow flurries.

By the end of the day it was still pretty sunny. Yes, it's still considered a sunny day here in the Pacific Northwest even with this many clouds in the sky. You can just see the snow on the hills across the river in Washington. I'd gone out to buy some office supplies down the street, then walked back along the river. The gray building to the right was refurbished last year and houses a real estate office and one of my favorite coffee houses, so I stopped for a decaf extra wet cappucino. That's my poison. I try not to have one every day, but I do love them. What a gorgeous day. Still a bit cold - jacket weather. I've never regretted moving here, but a day like today reminds you why it's special.

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