Tuesday, March 04, 2008

A crab's-eye-view of 1490 Marine Drive

The tide was especially low today. Laurel and I had clambered down the green rocks to watch James take out another log that had lodged under the building (see the post above this one). What's cool here, I think, is the patterns and light, and the fact that you can see how low and how high the water gets in the river. At high tide all of the broken and cut-off pilings are covered, including the sharp one in the center. On the day I moved in, nearly a year ago, I looked down to discover a raccoon scampering across the mass of ropes. They obviously find something they like to eat down here. I loved seeing it, especially because I'd been welcomed the same way to my first Astoria apartment on Bond Street, the one I was leaving when TPF and I moved across town to the river's edge.

Another view. The Bar Pilots' building is on the left. You can see their balcony. That building has screens to keep the floating logs out. Ours will also have a screen after this summer's renovations.

An unusual view of the radio tower and the back of 1490 Marine Drive.

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