Thursday, March 06, 2008

Gary Todd: "Work Redefined" - check it out

My little brother just made his first blog post. It's about his new CafePress shop. He's got some cool (read: snarky) ideas for t-shirts, etc. Check out Work Redefined (CafePress) and his blog by the same name (I sense a theme here). You can see who is the smartass in the family. He's actually a very nice guy, but I'm sure he wouldn't want you to know that. ALSO, I hope he gets rich because if he does, he owes me bigtime for the ideas to build a CafePress shop and start blogging about it. But the ideas for the products were all his. I'm not taking any of the credit (or blame) for those. If you've ever been ANYWHERE on the corporate ladder, you can relate to the products. (And no, he did NOT do this on company time.)

I'm also impressed by how fast he learned graphics. My brother is a very talented musician (I'm not kidding; there are three of us and you wouldn't want to hear the other two sing), and as such he could probably tell you how much money he's lost in that field of endeavor. As for the t-shirts and other products, even he probably didn't know he was a graphic artist, and I'm actually quite thrilled to see his store develop. At least now he has something useful to do with his twisted views on life :-p Hey, Gar, I love you! I'm proud of how you've navigated the learning curve. Next you can show me how to build a CP store. My ideas will be really different, though. Can we say, "probably animal-related"? Artistic, not so humorous? Maybe some neat travel pictures. Anyhoo . . . way to go!

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