Thursday, May 14, 2009

May 14, Astoria: Some colors and shapes of Thursday

There's always something a little different passing along the river - or if it's not different, maybe I haven't looked at it hard enough before.

I thought the shapes and concavities in the stern of this ship were unusual and interesting. I have no idea what they're used for. Click on the image and you'll see them better. It still amazes me to see the scale of the humans, their ladders and doorways and such on board a ship like this.

The pilot boat was coming in fast, hitting the small chop on the river and causing great billows of spray to fly up at the bow. I missed the best ones, but by my next shot, the boat was behind the building on my left. I like the photo anyway, especially larger.

The other day I posted a picture on my Astoria, Oregon, Daily Photo blog of some green pilings I'd taken in May of 2007, and so many people remarked on the color that I had it on my mind today when the sun brought out the brilliant green again - in fact, even more brightly.

A few seconds after I took this shot, the clouds blew over us again, and the bright hue was gone.


Island Style said...

I like this..moss like that or at least the same color tends to grow up trees over here! At least you caught it..nice capture and shots-
Now run and get the water effect -ha ha. I want to stick up a waterhouse mermaid but it juusst might be over kill! Aloha and thanks for stopping by-

Nukke said...

Very interesting looking river pics! A little bit sun there too. This week end the weather is getting little warmer here in Finland almost like in summer. I'm glad you liked that wooden statue and that grey weather too :)