Monday, May 11, 2009

Fort Clatsop before it burned down

In going through my photos, I've been doing a lot of backdated blog posts. The other day I put a series of pictures online that I took at Fort Clatsop near Astoria before the fort burned down a couple of years ago. In fact, the photos are from 2001. You can see them here with descriptions. I especially like the photo above. I assume the boat is still there, but it will be interesting to go back and see how much has changed. The boat is at the end of a path on the fort grounds. The part of the fort that burned was the actual compound replica near the museum. It's been rebuilt, and I haven't gone back to see it yet. The day I took the pix in 2001 was a pleasant, gentle afternoon, and the pictures reflect that. I was new here then, and just discovering Oregon. It was cool to find this so close to home.

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