Thursday, August 21, 2008

Sun on the Laurel Island

There was sun on the river for just a few moments when I woke up this morning, and sun on the ship named Laurel Island. I like the name because my "sort of" daughter is named Laurel. We've had winter-storm-like squalls for the past couple of days, so the sun was nice. I love the morning colors when it strikes the ships. I talk a lot about the weather on this blog. I guess everyone here notices when you have several days of squalls during August. But they talk about it even more when the sun comes out. When it rains, it's more like, "What do you expect? This is Astoria." On the other hand . . . winter squalls in August? That's unusual, even for here. I'll go back and post a couple of pix showing what I mean.

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