Thursday, August 28, 2008

I'm now selling incredible make-up, and you can get points for buying!

In this economy (which I don't have to explain to anyone), it seems that finally some of the big companies are figuring out that what we want is something we can afford . . . we want discounts, we want money back, we want rewards programs that actually mean something - such as, giving us points for things we actually plan to buy, therefore, getting something for free that we would have spent money on anyway.

I became a Market America Distributor last March, and I love the company. The products and systems have helped me lose 40 pounds and keep it off, have helped me GAIN BACK HEALTH in so many ways (more on all this later), and now they've energized their rewards program across the board so that when you go online to buy ANYTHING through my web portal you get points that you can turn into real merchandise. The stores you can purchase from to get these points run from Best Buy to Barnes and Noble to baby clothing stores, Travelocity, and much, much much much more. I love it! They've introduced a price comparison feature, customer reviews, and coming soon is the "unicart," a single shopping cart and one-time check-out that will handle your stuff from over 1,000 stores in ONE CART with one payment - and you can ship it to multiple addresses.

As of this posting, the products you can get for free for shopping in a variety of stores all come from the FEATURED BRANDS section of this page. Over the next few months, the products you can get will also come from the 1000+ Partner Stores, which are linked from the same page. The featured brands include some totally awesome health products that really work, such as the world-class OPC-3, an incredibly effective antioxidant and anti-inflammatory. I'll be talking about more supplements and products later, because they've helped me and people close to me so much. Since taking OPC-3, I no longer have the symptoms of fibromyalgia that plagued my life for maybe 20 years. If you think that doesn't make a huge difference in my life, just ask me! There are also anti-aging products, car care, pet care, and the wonderful high-quality Motives brand of make-up linked at the top of this page on my Motives Mini Web Site. Or you can see the Motives makeup display on my regular web portal.

If you find all of this intriguing and want a bigger piece of the action, just give me a call. Or if I've been obtuse and you'd like a better explanation of how to use the web site, I'd love to talk to you! I'm in Oregon: (503) 338-8646.

~ Sheryl

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