Friday, August 01, 2008

An afternoon with pigs and sheep: The Clatsop County Fair, Astoria, Oregon

Outside there was the usual stuff. I liked the neon fish in the window. We've been eating healthy food lately, and, sadly, there wasn't much of that around. We went next door and had German sausage (more like a hotdog) and saurkraut. It tasted good, and I threw away most of the bun, so it wasn't so junky after all. I didn't get bloated.

Here's the fish. There are a lot of fish themes locally. I like that about living on the river.

Indoors, there were displays of food, hand-made clothing, art, photography, and some nice quilts. I liked these two especially. There were sooooooooo many blue ribbons around.

And then we went to see the animals. Here's a friendly pig. Lee and I were being nuzzled and licked. Later one nibbled at my knee.

Almost every sheep was shorn already. Some wore colorful get-up, apparently to keep warm.

More colors. I didn't enjoy looking at the rabbits and chickens so much. I like the animals, but it was hard to see them through the narrow wire cages.
Here's nice duck. It's the only one that would hold still enough for me in the low light of the barn.

This has to be one of the stupidest looking animals you'd want to see - a poodle-cut llama (or related animal) with an orange lei around its neck. I'm sure it was a nice llama, but hey. . . .

Here the two winners had just shaken hands. I missed that shot by a second, but they were smiling and happy. I had never noticed before that sheep and goats are handled without bridles, but merely held by the head and they follow. Try that with a tapir. I don't think so!

I've always liked cow faces, and not to mention, they remind me of my Lab-chow mix, wonderful Leila, who I had for awhile in Colorado.

This was another nice pig. Posing. You can see it's sitting like a dog. After I pointed out to Lee that cows and sheep stand up and "sit" down with the front legs going up or down first, and that tapirs, horses, and rhinos are opposite, I couldn't remember how pigs performed this feat, so we went back and looked at the pigs, who were happy to oblige by standing and sitting just as we arrived back at their pens.

We'd been talking about how pigs were supposed to be smart, and this one obliged us by demonstrating why its owners had wired the latch shut. Piggy seems to have figured it out.

This pig, on the left, had no food in its stall and wanted the neighbor's dish.

Don't ask me why, but I have a thing about animal tongues. This pretty horse kept sticking its tongue out, but in 6 or 7 shots, did I ever get one with the tongue extended? No, I didn't. I tried to anticipate, but it didn't work. My camera is pretty fast, but it still has that microsecond of a lag between the shutter button and the click.

Nice horses. The winners are prancing out of line toward the judge.

This is one part of the fair I never bother with, but I took the photo just to complete the theme.

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