Friday, April 18, 2008

Resveratrol Supplement Available Now

There has been a lot of talk in the news and online about the value of resveratrol, a potent anti-oxidant. You can see the Barbara Walters interview on YouTube. It's called Live longer with this new breakthrough. They talk about a pill they may have five years in the future, but resveratrol for human consumption is here now! I am a Market America Independent Distributor, and you can get Isotonix Resveratrol here on my web portal. I've just started taking it myself, and I'll report my personal experience here on the blog.

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Reseveratrol absorbs easily and quickly into your body in this unique isotonic formula. It tastes really great and can be mixed with other Isotinic antioxidants, vitamins, and minerals.

I've had very good results with other Isotonix and other Market America products, including the Transitions Lifestyle system. I lost 40 pounds, feel so much better, and soon Sue and I will begin teaching a Transitions class here in Astoria. I'm very excited about it! In the classes I took last year, I saw so many people change their lives and begin to feel better after many years of distress. I can now say I'm one of those people. When you find something that makes you feel that good, you want to spread the news!


Stephanie Frick said...

Resveratrol can help you to lead a long and healthy life so says Dr. Oz.

Resveratrol Supplements can help you control your weight naturally
by increasing energy, reducing cravings, and limiting your appetite.
According to Wikipedia, Consumer Lab, an independent dietary
supplement and over the counter products evaluation organization,
published a report on 13 November 2007 on the popular resveratrol
supplements. The organization reported that there exists a wide range
in quality, dose, and price among the 13 resveratrol products
evaluated. The actual amount of resveratrol contained in the
different brands range from 2.2mg for Revatrol, which claimed to have
400mg of "Red Wine Grape Complex", to 500mg for Transmax,
which is consistent with the amount claimed on the product's label.
Prices per 100mg of resveratrol ranged from less than $.30 for
products made by, jarrow, and country life, to a high of
$45.27 for the Revatrol brand. None of the products tested were found
to have significant levels of heavy metals or other contaminants.

usascholar said...

Barbara Walters interviewed Dr. Sinclair on April 1st. He mentioned you would need to drink 1000 bottles of red wine a day to get enough resveratrol.

Why not try the price watch?

The list is compiled by the public, for the public. You can add a product as well if it is not found here.

resveratrol is just great.

Lisa Glackin said...

I have been researching resveratrol and I haven't found anything that says resveratrol limits your appetite.

Research has found that reveratrol is helpful for some cancers, diabetes, and heart disease. I'm not a scientist, but resveratrol also affect a gene that controls aging. I'm sure more results will be found.

Primary Benefits*:

• Maintains cell health

• Promotes normal cell cycle activity

• Promotes apoptosis (programmed cell death) in unhealthy cells

• Promotes normal nuclear factor kappa B (NF-Kappa B – protein) and cyclooxygenase-2 (COX-2 - enzyme) activity

• Promotes normal activity of the SIRT-1 gene (involved in calorie restriction, fat mobilization, mitochondrial function)

• Promotes cardiovascular health (promotes normal platelet activity, helps maintain normal vasorelaxation, provides antioxidant protection of LDL particles).

• Superior antioxidant and high ORAC value

When it comes to supplements, I don't shop price, I shop quality. If you buy a low quality product that doesn't get you result, what have you gained? With resveratrol, it matters. You must be taking a quality nutraceutical. I take the Isotonix Resveratrol that you can order from Sheryl Todd's Personal Blog.

Isotonix means that you absorb 98% of the product verses 30% you would get from a pill. That is more value for your dollar.

My mom's and mine's back pain has gone away in the first week and neither of us was expecting it. We have order so much of this for ourselves and referred our friends, because we feel so great.

My mom who is 67 said, "I feel 10 years younger."

I would recommend this resveratrol to anyone who has the above issues. Don't waist your money on companies that may not have a quality product and definately do not have the delivery system.

Lisa Glackin

Ann Smith said...

I agree with the post above, who just happens to be my daughter, not all ingredients are the same. Below, is just one of the ingredients that make up the Isotonix Resveratrol. There are at least two other trademark ingredients.

Resveravine® (20% resveratrol extract) 10 mg

Resveratrol is a natural antioxidant found in red wine. Resveravine® is a natural extract from Vitis vinifera standardized to contain 20% oligostilbenes. Resveravine is 100 to 300 times more concentrated in trans-resveratrol than other products made from grape skin. It provides antioxidant protection of low-density lipoprotein (LDL) particles, promotes normal platelet activity, vasorelaxation and blood flow, all which support cardiovascular health. It has been shown to promote apoptosis (programmed cell death) in unhealthy cells. Another proposed mechanism of action involves the study of the SIRT-1 gene (also known at the longevity gene). Sirtuins, known as Silent Information Regulators (SIRs), are deacetylase enzymes identified in all living creatures. Sirtuin proteins are known to play an important role in keeping regions of chromosomes turned off. Sirtuin controls the enzyme that converts acetate, a source of calories, into acetyl-CoA, a key component of cellular respiration. In humans, there are seven different sirtuins, SIRT-1 to SIRT-7. SIRT-1 has been studied by scientist for its potential effect on human cell lifespan.*

Resveratrol promotes normal activity of SIRT-1. Studies have shown that SIRT-1 activates a critical component of calorie restriction in mammals and promotes fat mobilization. The most recent study (Nature 2006) demonstrated that obese mice fed red wine extract (resveratrol) were in better health and lived longer than obese mice that were not fed the red wine extract. The resveratrol group, were more able to maintain heart health compared to mice that were not fed resveratrol. SIRT-1 activation also supports healthy mitochondrial function and supports energy expenditure. Resveratrol has also been shown to have phytoestrogen activity and may support optimal estradiol activity. Other studies have documented neuroprotective benefits associated with resveratrol supplementation.*

A comparison test was made to evaluate the activating effect on human SIRT-1 of Resveravine® and pure trans-resveratrol. Only the trans-resveratrol form of the molecule promotes normal activation of the mammalian SIRT-1 gene in vitro test. Resveravine was more than eight times more likely to promote SIRT-1 activity than pure trans-resveratrol, showing that Resveravine is more efficient than resveratrol in promoting the normal activity of SIRT-1. Therefore, while the specific mechanisms of SIRT-1 and resveratrol are still unclear, the studies show that SIRT-1 is essential in lifespan extension and health improvement, and resveratrol promotes SIRT-1 activity.*

Studies in numerous species have demonstrated that reduction of calories 30 to 50 percent below ad libitium levels of a nutritious diet can promote a longer lifespan, improve overall health, promote normal stress resistance and decelerate functional decline. Studies showed that, SIRT-1 activates a critical component of calorie restriction in mammals, and promotes fat mobilization in adipocytes by repressing PPAR-? (test conducted on mice). Because healthy fat levels have been show to promote a longer murine lifespan, it is suggested that calorie restriction could be connected to SIRT-1 and life extension in mammals.

As an alternative strategy, new research has focused on the development of calorie restriction mimetics, compounds that mimic the effect of calorie restriction by targeting metabolic and stress response pathways affected by calorie restriction, but without restricting caloric intake. Resveratrol has been suggested as a potential calorie restriction mimetic.

Supplementing mice with resveratrol significantly increases their aerobic capacity. By promoting healthy SIRT-1 activity, resveratrol promotes healthy mitochondrial function and supports energy expenditure, thereby promoting healthy weight. In vivo test conducted on mice on a high-calorie diet, resveratrol shifts the physiology of middle-aged mice on a high-calorie diet towards that of mice on a standard diet and promotes their overall health.

I got the above information from

I love Istonix supplements, I'm older now and I don't absorb anything like I did in my youth. I need all the help I can get.

I trust the name Market America. I have always taken supplements and hoped that they had been helpful, but I can’t say I noticed much.

With Market America supplement, I always feel the results, and I know I’m getting healthier!! I started taking the Isotonix Calcium and finally had a bone density scan that showed that my osteoporosis is improving. I haven’t found any calcium or drug that has done that!! By the way Calcium is hard to absorb, if you don’t know that.

Thank-you Market America!!

Ann Smith

Anonymous said...

Hi All,

I couldn't help to read with interest your experience with resveratrol and add that recently there has been a lot of media coverage based on recent studies using low doses of resveratrol.

It seemed that everybody came out of the box flying as far as dose was concerned and were and continue to hyper dose resveratrol trying to simulate the same amounts as in the mice studies. All the manufacturers upped the mgs in their offerings to compete against one another for market share.

Nothing could have been the more wrong thing to do. The American propensity to rationalize that 'if a little is good, a lot must be better' has been proven false with the recent studies. We've seen a similar circumstance recently concerning Vitamin E.

In fact, resveratrol is a known copper chelator and copper is necessary for the production of collagen. So creating a copper deficit in your system is not an intelligent thing to do. In fact, there have been cases reported of achilles tendonitis from hyper dosing resveratrol. And what is hyperdosing? Probably more than 100 mgs. daily which the studies have shown is about 7 times more than one needs for the biological effectiveness of resveratrol. Let's put it this way; Anything more than 15mgs. at a time is senseless.

One product, Resvantage, refused to join the 'mad dosage scramble' in order to compete for market share. They manufacture a 15mg liquid resveratrol supplement which is encapsulated in an oxygen free environment to insure the integrity of the resveratrol.
The current low-dose studies have showed that they did the right thing.

I am personally an enthusiast because I have seen Resvantage enhance my exercise endurance and lower my cholesterol (by 37 pionts over a 5 month period). My mental acuity is also far better than it was previous to my taking Resvantage and I'm sleeping better.
I take one capsule twice a day at 12 hour intervals; breakfast and dinner, because resveratrol has a reasonably short half-life and I want to insure that it's coursing through my blood pretty consistently, day and night.

The hyper dosers would be wise to re-think their strategies. Problems caused by excessive supplement dosing don't show up right away and they could be doing irreparable harm to themselves.

Here are write-ups of the recent studies:

1. Business Week - Low Doses of Red Wine Chemical May Fight Diabetes, October 02,2008.

2. Science Daily - Substance In Red Wine, Resveratrol, Found To Keep Hearts Young, June 08, 2008

Ju said...

Awesome post! Have you had a chance to watch 60 Minutes or Barbra Walters segments last weekend about it?

It show promise in mice. For mice, has shown major health improvements including blood sugar control. Keep in mind that 6 out of 10 major drug successes in mice - fail in humans. But the limited human trials showed promise and there are some patients that claim it helps. However, this could be the 'placebo effect,' and only empirical data under controlled experiments can tell for sure. It will take a few years for these clinical trials to conclude.

You can get supplements of the extract right now. While it is safe, it is not guaranteed to work. Before making a decision, you should watch all the videos. Here's the a recap from all the trustworthy shows:

I did some research and learned the following: You can only get 1-2mgs of it in a single bottle of wine. So, white, it's a good excuse to drink wine, but you really won't get much benefit. There are resveratrol supplements on the market - but many do not have the required strength and they don't work for everyone. The only way to know for sure is to try the supplements. Hope you find this interesting... its a future hope for the fountain of youth and treatments (not cures) for countless diseases.

-Linda, the Good Nurse.

Resveratrol Ultra said...

Yeah i am also taking Resveratrol Ultra since last year. It's very effective. In the market Resveratrol Ultra & Pure RezV Pro are the highest rated anti-aging product. It is used to boost up the energy, reduce winkles and used as a excellent shield against cancer, diabetes, cardiovascular diseases while it reduces constipation, bloating. The measured quantity of resveratrol must vary between 50mg to 250mg each day.

But before taking Resveratrol supplements you must gather proper information about Resveratrol and at the same time consult the doctor before you purchase the Resveratrol for better results.

Piper said...

I am about to buy resveratrol. Definitely, I got good reviews from my friends who were able to use it. They even told me about the benefits it gives to our body. Natural resveratrol, as I've read, is surely worth trying. I personally believe that this is the anti-aging supplement that we've all been waiting for.