Tuesday, April 22, 2008

More snow in Astoria, Oregon . . . on April 21?

It's raining today (April 22) and has rained virtually all day. In fact, it's rained since about last October. But this is Oregon. Nobody gets too worked up about rain day after day. "What do you want? This is Oregon," you hear a lot. But on April 21, we had cold once again, and we had snow. It didn't stick much down here by the water, but it stuck for awhile. Across the river you can see snow on the low mountains. You can see snow on Saddle Mountain to the south. The other day it was shrouded in clouds, and it was beautiful. I almost took a photo, but we were driving across the bridge and I was on the wrong side of the car for a shot. It was sunny out (Sunday, April 20) and we went to the beach. It was pretty (photos if I get time), but cold. Despite either tolerating the rain, or not minding it too much or actually loving the rain as some of us do, I would say most most people in Astoria at the moment are looking for a day with sun that isn't also cold. This has been an unusual year. We're ready for shorts, bikes, and balmy afternoons. Which usually arrive before the end of April. Except for one remarkable Saturday (which, stupidly, I spent on the computer thinking Sunday would be nice as well), our sunny days have so far come with very little warmth.

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