Sunday, April 27, 2008

The Body Shop at Home Foot Fun Party at The Animal Store in Astoria

On Tuesday, April 22, I hosted a Body Shop party with Lee's daughter (and my good friend) Laurel Sullivan as the consultant. We held it right in the store front, which was a little unusual, but entertaining. It was a lot of fun. You can read more about it and see more photos on Laurel's blog. Today in my office we downloaded the photos and she made her blog post about the party. I snapped her picture (below) almost unannounced. She must have had a clue I'd picked up the camera, because she smiled big when I called her name to get her attention. We did it in one take! Brunch and blogging. What a nice way to spend Sunday. By the way, Laurel puts on a great Body Shop at Home Party (that link is to her Body Shop web site) . . . if your'e in the North Coast area and are interested, send Laurel e-mail and she'll be happy to set up a party to pamper your guests. I have to say, I've given very, very few parties over the years, and she made it easy. I also have not been much of a product person (of course, I enjoy bubble bath and such), so I'm enjoying being introduced to a new age of smells and sensations. It really has been fun. Now I have to get to the gym, so I'll keep this short. More to come soon, as always!

Laurel at my computer

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