Thursday, December 31, 2009

Dec 31, Part 2 - Bend: Snow day

It snowed during the night. For reasons not quite known, I woke up and 4:30 and didn't go back to sleep. No doubt, it has to do with helping Lee pack for his trip. We muscled and coaxed all of the stuff he wanted to take into a backpack and one smallish carry-on. It felt like a sustained effort in puzzle-solving. The trip is four months long, and he's going to be in quite an array of different places with who-knows-what requirements. We were both a little stressed afterwards, but I was thrilled with how well it all fit together, including some bulky things we thought we might have to leave out. I should have taken a few pix of the process, but I was focused mentally, and not with the lens. I'm sure I'll have pictures of the bags before he leaves on Sunday.

It was still snowing when we left for Starbucks.

And it was also reasonably early - and dark from the weather. I like the way the light glowed as we pulled out of the garage.

Snowing. . . .

At the Starbucks parking lot in Bend. I love the colors provided by the guitar van.

From inside Starbucks with reflection. I posted it here also.

By the time we left Starbucks, the world had progressed a bit more in its transformation.

This was our view from inside the Pathfinder. Snow during coffee = a little more build-up.

Home again, and the street is buried a little further. They said it could snow an inch an hour today for much of the day. As it turned out, precipitation was lighter than predicted, but it was fun to watch, and we opted not to drive to Portland today, which was the original plan. Freezing rain is supposed to follow the snow around noonish today. The Christmas lights that were on in the first picture are now off.

The bird feeder looks bleak, and snow blows from the rooftops as it continues to fall from the sky.

I upped the shutter speed to show the flakes.

It isn't really that cold. Snow is melting off the kitchen window.

Finches (?) at the feeder. This is a male with his red head.

I didn't get many chances to get a good pic of the female. They were inclined to scatter when they saw me.

Nice finch. Thank you. He'd take a seed from the feeding tray behind the tube, then poke his head out this side and spit out the shell, or at least that appeared to be the process.

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