Sunday, December 06, 2009

Dec 6, Astoria: Cold today

I took surprisingly few photos today - in fact, only this scene. The tides have been big: high highs, and low lows. And the river was rough, but I didn't hang around to catch white-capped waves under the radio tower, because it was already in the 30s near sundown. For here, that's pretty cold and I wasn't prepared. Wind had been shaking the building, and something underneath was thumping against the pilings in the high tide. As I write this just before bed (at 1:30 in the morning of December 7, although I'm posting it to December 6), it's only 30 degrees out. I've been working all day and all evening, and even though the heater's been on, the room is cold. Clearly, it's time to turn in!


Gary said...

We had a little wind in CG Sunday too, but got down to 14 last night. My feet are cold. Could use some of that balmy Astoria 30.

Jacob said...

Brrr...your commentary made me cold and looking at the photo simply enhanced that feeling! Thanks a lot! ;-))

It's been cold here, too. Got down in the 40s one night. But we're heading back into 77 degree sunshine. Thank goodness!