Tuesday, December 01, 2009

Dec 1, Portland: Another day at OHSU

Lake Oswego, Portland I wanted to remember breakfast. This image was stronger when I was back further and the perspective was greater, but we were walking, and I didn't take time to direct the scene. Most of the pix in this post are of that type - on the fly. Memories.

Lake Oswego, Portland The contrasts caught my attention in the parking lot as we walked back to Jane's condo to get ready to go in to OHSU (Oregon Health Science University: the hospital) for the day. My job was to be moral support, but of course I did it because I wanted to be there.

Lake Oswego, Portland Moss along the paved sidewalk, and a red curb.

Lake Oswego, Portland A beautiful old live oak. I'm sure it was once happier without the pavement. Its better angle is from the right in this image, but we were walking and I missed it.

Lake Oswego, Portland - Trees in Autumn Colors Beautiful fall trees still have their leaves despite rain and wind. This is at Jane's condo in Lake Oswego (Portland).

Driving to OHSU, Portland The drive up the hill. Trees. Talking about the 70% chance of success, hoping it will be within the 70%, and what does that really mean. What does it mean to think positive? But it doesn't hurt, and we were doing our best to think positive even though the procedure was already said to be very tricky.

Trees, Portland Yellow autumn leaves still glowing in the morning sun.

Trees, Portland Oddly, I like blurry photos along the road. This is so Oregon, even in the midst of the city.

OHSU, Portland The tram at OHSU was under construction for so long, and now it faithfully carries people from their cars parked at the base of the hill up to the buildings where they work or visit the hospital and other buildings. It's massive, and is built with interesting shapes and colors. We opted for parking in the lot on top.

OHSU, Portland Into the maw.

OHSU, Portland More modern shapes and contrasts. If you have to have something done at a hospital, it may as well be an interesting one.

OHSU, Portland More angles at OHSU.

OHSU, Portland Tram top and covered walkway.

OHSU, Portland More new construction.

OHSU, Portland Shapes and reflections.

OHSU, Portland From inside the 9th floor hallway, I tried to get a shot of this deco design through tinted glass as we waited.

OHSU, Portland The halls have some nice paintings. This is in the 9th floor waiting area. Strange. A woman in a wheelchair needed a signature from someone not in her own family and not on the hospital staff. They were to sign a form witnessing that the woman had signed a document. I offered. The lady was grateful, but "She doesn't know who I say I am," she said. "That doesn't matter," said the staff member. I signed. Of course, I didn't have to show I.D. either. Weird.

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Raksha said...

I just want to say I'm glad you were there for him. I know it can't have been easy for you. Praying for the best now and always...