Tuesday, April 07, 2009

April 7, Astoria: Fog and boats on the river

I drove into Astoria early from Portland - well, it seemed early to me, since I had to get up before 7, but I didn't actually get back to Astoria until about 9:30. By 11:07, when I took this photo, the sun had burned the fog off of the town, but it still lingered on the water, making for yet another interesting permutation of lighting and elements. Note the "ghost ship" behind the pilings, and you can't even see the hills in Washington. The air still felt pretty chilly to me. I saw people walking around in t-shirts, but I was happy to pull on my warm jacket before going out.

I'm not sure if this is Coast Guard or someone else, but they're jetting across the scene to get somewhere in a hurry. On the right you can just see the green buoy. It's not really floating in air, but it looks that way. The air in the foreground is clear, but as sometimes happens, the fog lingers over the water. I took these pix from the old ferry dock at the foot of 14th Street.

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