Tuesday, September 09, 2008

Two seagulls

Lee and I were returning from a stoll along the River Walk when I snapped these two seagulls near the Maritime Museum. The top one is a juvenile, with the speckled plumage. The second seems to have nearly completed its adult moult, as it still has some mottling on its head. I don't notice that very often. But what's with the feet? I also hadn't noticed until I began working with these photos that the gulls have white legs and feet. I thought they were supposed to be yellow. I googled seagulls and found that that their feet seem to range from red to yellow to black, and I even saw one with very white eyes. I think the ubiquitous seagull must be more complex, and probably interbred, than I had ever given thought to. I've always liked them. Although they're often considered pests, I don't find them a bother. I'll be paying more attention to them and when I get a minute, I'll read something about them. For now, I've got to run. Ciao.

LATER NOTE: According to my Oregon bird book, the spotted heads indicate winter plumage. I had no idea! I'll keep watching.

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