Sunday, September 21, 2008

Morning, September 21 - Astoria, Oregon

Through the window at Coffee Girl. The white ship is the NOAA research vessel. I'm not sure what they're up to today, but a small boat took off at speed from the side of it, and then came around again quickly. Maybe they're tracking salmon? You can never tell, but the salmon are out there this week for sure. Ask the sea lions.

The cool thing about this photo, especially if you click on it to enlarge it, is that you can see one of the ships sitting on the river. It looks like it's on the pier, but it's not.

It was one of those days - foggily atmospheric outside and the feeling of having a free day and too much I wanted to do with it inside. If Laurel hadn't called me out to coffee (top photo, at Coffee Girl), I would have been at the PC ALL day. As it was, I made some progress with the animal jewelry web pages, putting more butterflies on the menu page, scanning and putting up a tarantula, some more gecko/salamanders, and some snakes. I don't know why this stuff takes SO long, but it does. I was messing with the format and organization a bit more and optimizing with links from other pages. The details never end. If the new site starts getting some traffic, it might simplify my life. It's fun, I just wish I had more time. But then, actually, by the time I get the old pin menu page pared down (taking out the individual items) and turned into links pages like the butterfly page and this one, Google will have found these new pages insects, reptiles, and more to come). So I guess it works out. Funny how that happens.

The landlord (Marty) spent the day putting in a new floor upstairs, so it was noisy. I've gotten used to that, as they've re-done the whole outside and underpinnings of the building. It will be nice when it's quiet again, though.

Laurel just finished blogging, too. She has lots of pregnant pictures now and people pictures. It's nice. I think I want to take more people pictures. Did you notice my blogs are mostly things and animals? Scenery? I don't dislike people, but yeah, I sure do avoid taking photos of them (and of me). A new day, a new world. It could happen.

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