Monday, September 29, 2008

Movie trailers on my portal

Hi Everyone,

This is fun! If you go to my Market America web portal, you can see long trailers of the new movies that are out. Better yet, you can TYPE IN YOUR ZIP CODE and see trailers of the movies at your local theater (or any zip code you like). Check it out! On the right-hand side of the page scroll down a couple of inches to the Entertainment section. Below the listing of movies, there's a box to enter your own zip code. They have a short review and nice, long selections from the movie. I'm not too picky about the movies I see within certain genres, but I'm enjoying this. If I were going to the theater, I think this could make a difference. Usually I wait until they're out on DVD. Did anyone see Be Kind, Rewind with (and by) Jack Black? Omigod, it was so terrible we stopped watching right in the middle. I'll usually stick it out, but not for that one. I loved School of Rock. I guess he thought he was titanium-clad after that. If I'd seen the trailer I would have avoided it! I don't usually fill in those "favorite movie" lists, because there are so many I like I can't remember names, let alone favorites.

So, what's the leaf about? A few days ago I stepped out the front door and there it was. We have a lot of trees that turn yellow around here, and they're just starting to turn. Some are more than just starting. We don't have a lot that turn bright red, so it was a nice surprise to see the leaf. After a bit of a search, I found the tree up on Marine Drive not too far away, but it was behind some other trees, and not readily apparent. One of the seasonal changes I enjoy is that first day when you feel like, "This is Fall. It's Fall weather today." I felt that on the day I saw the leaf, but it was actually one day after the official first day of Fall. The white bits are junk from the work on the roof and siding of the building.

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