Sunday, May 11, 2008

Transitions Lifestyle Systems for weight loss and improved health

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Call toll-free for info: (888) 325-3179
Ask for Sue or Sheryl

Once the PowerPoint downloads to your computer, just double-click the file and you can page through the presentation. It's fascinating and loaded with interesting info.

This powerpoint presentation explains the program and why it works where diets often fail, especially as we get older and become "metabolically challenged." The file is large, so please allow several minutes for download. The wait will be worth it! Find out why "diets aren't the solution - they are part of the problem!"

This program was created by Dr. Shari Lieberman. I didn't create this powerpoint, but I did lose 40 pounds using the Transitions system. It was a lot easier than I could have imagined, and it happened when I thought I simply could not lose the extra weight I'd gained no matter what I did! Transitions classes are highly recommended to learn and apply the system in a supportive environment. The accountability of being in a group is also very helpful. I took the class twice, and now Sue and I are teaching Transitions classes in Astoria.

If you have any questions, please send e-mail. No, I'm not ready to put my "before" pix online yet, but if you really want to see them, let me know. Maybe someday I'll have the courage. For now, I'm enjoying the results! Actually, my "part way through the class" "before" picture is in the powerpoint presentation along with an "after" photo. You'll have to download the powerpoint to see it! You can see how much my attitude about my looks changed as well.

I've also made a blog with some recipes you can use on this eating plan.

One of the biggest challenges for me with this system was not losing the 40 pounds, but parting with some of my favorite BIG t-shirts!

I was so affected by the Transitions system and the supplements available from Market America, that I am now a Market America Independent Distributor. Here's a link to my Market America web portal:

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Buy just about anything you need or want and get money back when you shop again. When you buy, you become a "preferred customer." The number of partner stores is mind-boggling. Check it out!

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