Wednesday, January 09, 2013

Night Street

Astoria, Oregon ~ January 9, 2013
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Today may have been my best day since my second parathyroid surgery on October 30. I've been taking enough calcium to alleviate symptoms since about December 31. Some symptoms of post-surgery low calcium were relieved right away, but then I got very tired, and any expenditure of energy through movement or stress knocked me right down. On January 7, I had dinner with Jane at Pier 11, and felt the best I had felt yet for about 10 or 15 minutes before I got painfully tired again. It was progress. I had showered and dressed just before she picked me up, and believe it or not, this still constituted a lot of activity.

Today, January 9, I went to the pharmacy in the Park Building and continued on to Starbucks. I don't remember feeling shaky, weak, or light-headed, and I came home not feeling overtired. This is big progress, even though I am still getting somewhat bloated. Not as bad as before. Maybe staying off of wheat (except for the occasional cookie) is helping.

I took the photo from my window when I got home, mainly to have a picture for this post. Turns out I like it, especially larger.

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Francisca said...

Here's to more and more and more GOOD days!