Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Bethlehem at the Co-op

Astoria, Oregon ~ December 18, 2012

Clever. I didn't notice the name "Bethlehem" or think about the significance until I got home and downloaded the photos. It was a nice surprise to see this cool display of ornaments, cabbages, and greenery on my way in to buy groceries. I took the photos quickly and hurried inside, because six and a half weeks after surgery, I still feel pretty bad some days. Today I wondered how I was going to get through shopping with my feet and other parts hurting, and nothing feeling very well grounded. I knew I'd get through it, but with what consequences?

The pretty display made me smile, so I got a few quick photos with my phone since I didn't feel like going to the car for my camera.


Lee Spangler said...

So glad you pointed out the amusing detail. Im sure all your blog followers are rooting for you to make a lasting recovery.

Lowell said...

Very cute. Glad you could get out for a bit and hope there was no serious after effects. Love that Bethlehem box!