Thursday, September 15, 2011


Plastic Toy Cobra

I took this photo for a customer who wanted to know what the plastic coiling cobra would look like size-wise if wrapped around her neck. The t-shirt dummy I had on hand is probably a bit larger than the potential snake-buyer, but it gave some clue. That transaction is finished, and I'm left with an eerie photo. 

One of the great things about photos is, they help you remember "things." Often it's events and people, but sometimes it's just those things we surround ourselves with. I've been cleaning up collectibles or things that were useful at one time but no longer are. Years ago I learned that if I really don't want it physically in my life any more, but I I'm hanging onto it for some reason, it may be a good candidate for the "photo cure." I'd never called it a photo cure until now, but that's what it is. 

Often, for me, taking a picture releases me to find another home for the thing (friends, Craig's List, eBay, the women's shelter, thrift shop) or else send it off to the landfill. The t-shirt dummy ended up at a friend's garage sale, and when there were no takers at the sale, it turned out that a friend of hers saw it in their porch and actually wanted it. Great news! The dummy has a loving home. I have some more space.

Space can be physical, and it can also be psychic. To anyone who has felt "the tyranny of possessions," no explanation is needed. As for the snake, you can buy it here  :)

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Pat Tillett said...

hey there! I was wondering why I wasn't seeing any posts from you. I see you are posting here these days. I just added it to my dashboard, so now I know!

Love the pic, even though it's a bit creepy!

Francisca said...

I totally relate to this (and I don't mean the cobra) and wish I more often took the photo cure. We just moved homes, but it was so easy, just four houses down the street, that I didn't do the big clean up I had intended. But you are so right, sometimes I don't want to let go of something physically because it has some kind of psychic meaning... and having the photo would replace that feeling of tyranny of possession.