Monday, September 13, 2010

Without Paint

"Alfred Orders the Number 7 Entree"
Collage with Dinosaurs by Sheryl Todd (tapirgal)
Collage on paper
September 13, 2010

I submitted my first collage to Scrapiteria. When I found the collabortative collage blog site many months (or years?) ago, I realized I had stumbled into a nest of kindred spirits. I understood the medium. I understood the humor. I laughed a lot. I added their link to my blog sidebar and visited often. I've been making collages since 1967 or 1968 (few are posted here, and that's another project for "when I have some time,") but mine are usually made with paint and often some kind of drawing or scribbling included. Scrapiteria's format is strictly cut and paste with paper. I thought of making one without paint or scribbles to submit, but I had also stopped making them for a number of years during this past decade while my business was growing and I was focused on other things. Too bad. I love making collages. So, with encouragement from several friends, I pitched back in. When, recently, I noticed that Scrapiteria was now open to guest submissions, I found a weekly theme I wanted to try and here is the result. My mother (why do I think of her at times like this?) would never understand Scrapitiria, but it's definitely my cup of oysters.

Originally I intended to caption the collage, "Alfred concluded that what the menu lacked in refinement, it made up for in attention to the particular sensibilities of the saurischian palate," but I think the short title is just fine.

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Francisca said...

What a fun and creative hobby. This, then, is a scan of a paper collage, right?